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What are HCV?

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by Hepatitis C virus HCV and affects the liver. Its infection is often asymptomatic, but once it is over, long-term infection can rapidly lead to loss of liver (fibrosis) and more damages (cirrhosis), which usually appears after many years. In some cases, some of the patients suffering from cirrhosis may have liver cancer or other complications of cirrhosis such as liver cancer and life-threatening esophageal varicides and gastric varices may develop.

What are Symptoms?

  1. Lack of appetite or extremely low appetite.
  2. Feeling tired even when normal.
  3. Feeling pain on the side of the liver in the stomach.
  4.  jaundiced can also be a symptom of it.Lighter fever and itching.

Yellowness of eyes and skin.

  1. Fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite.

What are reason?

Hepatitis C predominantly occurs in the case of liver weakening. The following causes causes liver weakness and malfunction:-

Consuming food with excessive oil spices is harmful for the liver. Chickpea and chili spicy dishes, consumption of dishes made with gram flour and fine flour, and excessive use of vegetable ghee are also harmful.

A fortified food that the liver needs to work hard to digest or is not able to, creates pressure on the liver which is harmful. In this situation, food can rot in the stomach itself, which germs cause disease.

Smoking, any form of intoxication or consumption of carnivore can prove extremely harmful for the liver. This can cause swelling on the liver.

Sometimes the consumption of medicines is also responsible for liver problems. Excessive use of medications such as paracetapol, antibiotics or butazolidine can also cause liver damage.

What are Treatment?

Hepatitis C virus promotes older in 50% to 80% of infected individuals. About 50% of these do not respond to treatment. Long-term HCV carriers have a very small chance to eliminate this virus. (0.5% to 0.74% per year) [29] [30] However, in most cases of chronic hepatitis C it will not end without treatment .

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