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What is dengue?

Dengue is a disease that is caused by the cutting of Aedes Egypti mosquitoes. Diseases of the body begin to develop in this disease with high fever. Where it spreads into pandemic, many types of viruses can be active at one time. Dengue fever is a very painful and inefficient disease. In this, the pain in the patient’s body is very high, so it is also called bone break fever. This disease becomes common in the rainy season, because the problem of spreading epidemic due to this weather dirt is high. This disease caused by the virus can not be cured with antibiotics.

What is Other Diseases?

Dengue also has many types of complications. This can sometimes take many dangerous forms, such as hemochromatic dengue and dengue shock syndrome. Due to dengue many times due to lack of water in the body, continuous bleeding from the body, platelet incidence, low blood pressure, decrease in disease resistance, damage to liver, etc., type of diseases occur.

What is other types?

Dengue viruses are of four different types. If a person is infected with one of these types of virus, he is usually protected from that type of dengue virus throughout his life. However, with the rest of the three types, he remains safe for some time only. If he is infected with one of these three types of virus, then he is more likely to have serious problems. Dengue is usually of Dane 1, Dane 2, Dane 3 and Dane 4 sarotype. 2 and 4 serotypes less dangerous than 1 and 3 sarotypes. In the symptoms of type 4 dengue, decrease in fever and platelets with shock, while acute deficiency of platlets in type 2, hyporohial fever, limb dysfunction and dengue shock syndrome are the main symptoms. There is a risk of hemorrhagic fever in every type of dengue, but it is less likely than in type 4 to type 2. Dengue 2 virus is at risk of serious dengue.

What is Symptoms ?

  1. The incubation period after dengue mosquito bites lasts from 3 to 15 days, at present no symptoms of dengue are seen.
  2. Dengue begins with high fever, headache, and back pain. There is also a lot of pain in the joints for 3 to 4 hours of start. Suddenly the body temperature drops to 104 degrees an

    d blood pressure is also very less than normal.
  3. The eyes become red and the color of the skin becomes pink. The lymph node near the throat goes to swelling. Dengue fever lasts for 2 to 4 days and then gradually the temperature becomes normal.
  4. The patient starts to recover and the temperature starts rising again. The whole body hurts. The palm and the legs also seem to be red.
  5. Dengue hemorragic fever is considered to be the most dangerous, in which there is a lack of blood in the body along with fever. There are red or violet blisters in the body. Nose or gums start to bleed. The color of the stool also becomes black. This is the most dangerous condition of dengue.

What is Ways to prevent  ?

  1. For prevention of dengue, it is necessary to prevent dengue mosquito bites and to control the spread of these mosquitoes.
  2. Dengue spreads through mosquito bites called Aedes Egypti. Dengue mosquito bites mostly in the morning.
  3. To control the dengue mosquitoes, it must be destroyed in places of growth.
  4. This mosquito grows in stagnant water, such as coolers and water tanks etc. Use pesticides in places where water is expected to accumulate.
  5. Put a mosquito net everyday and sleep on the whole dress. Do not cut the mosquito and keep the cream for it.
  6. Keep cleanliness at home and around the house as the dengue mosquitoes increase the dirt in the dirt.
  7. Always cover the garbage cans. To get rid of dengue virus quickly, identify its symptoms and consult a doctor at the right time.
  8. If there is a delay in the treatment of  it takes the form of dengue hemorrhagic fever.

How To Check ?

Doctors also tell about the need to carry platelets in  but all this information can be disclosed only after the doctor’s blood test. Given the many types of , the doctor advises blood tests on the basis of symptoms of the infected person. Blood tests are essential for the identification of . Typically, a rapid test test is necessary for sewer and general malaria testing, in which the presence of falsifyapram plasmodium in the blood is counted on the basis of RBC. Apart from this,  is also examined by the Real Time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. Currently, rapid diagnostic kits are also used for  investigations.  viruses can also be identified from Hemigulatination Inhibition Test and Alisa Serological Tests. Among them, Elisa Test is less expensive, easy to carry and instant results.

What is treatment ?

  1. In severe condition, the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. Although there is no seriousness of  treatment can be done only after staying at home and the victim does not have to be admitted to the hospital.
  2. In this disease, keep the patient in the use of fluid. Such as soup, lemonade and juice etc.
  3. Dengue is viral infection. There is no need to give any antibiotic to the patient in this disease.
  4. When the fever comes, give the patient Paracetamol tablet. Place the cold water strip on the forehead.
  5. If the patient is bleeding from anywhere, then he needs to take platelets.
  6. Dengue fever lasts for 2 to 7 days. During this, the amount of platelets in patient’s blood decreases. After seven days, the amount of platelets is automatically increased. Contact the doctor shortly after symptoms appear.

What is Home remedies ?

  1. Keep planting basil in your house.  mosquitoes run away from the fragrance of basil only.
  2. Do not let water gather anywhere near home and home. Keep in mind that  mosquitoes are mostly in clean water. Also, pay attention to cleanliness.
  3. Use regular pesticides in the morning and evening. Many times we do not see  mosquito but their eggs remain hidden in water. Which grow up to become  Therefore, use pesticides.
  4. Use mosquito coil for 24 hours at home. Advise yourself and children to wear full-length clothing and use mosquito nights while sleeping at night. Be more careful during the day.
  5. If someone comes into the house, first of all, recommend washing it. After that, ask him for tea and join hands.
  6. Orange juice must be drunk, because it helps in digestion and enhances the antibody which makes body fat tired.
  7. Drinking papaya emerald is beneficial. It enhances the number of blood platelets. Due to drinking papaya leaves and making juice, it provides relief in dengue.

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