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What is anemia?

Patients suffer from anemia when their blood pressure is lacking in red blood cells or hemoglobin, which are healthy and are doing their work. Hemoglobin is a major component of RBC because red blood cells are usually compulsive in short. This is the oxygen binds. If the body cells fail to obtain enough oxygen. The anemia is the most common blood disorder between more than 3.5 million people in the US. The risk of developing anemia for women is more, the following facts are suddenly during the dealing of annemia for women. By dealing with anindia, the following facts should be kept in mind during dealing with anindia.

What is Symptoms?

  • Look at the skin of the skin.
  • White tongue inside, tongue, nails and eyelids.
  • Weakness and too much exhaustion.
  • Dizziness- especially in lieu of the bottom and sitting.
  • To be unconscious.
  • Breath.
  • Harmony is fast.
  • Swelling on face and feet.

What is Reason?

  • The most prominent cause is not consumed in the appropriate amount of iron-element things.
  • After malaria, red blood ducts are destroyed.
  • Any reason for blood, such as-
  1. Flow of blood with defecation, vomiting, cough. Go to maximum amount of menstruation in menstruation.
  2. Embark disintegration due to stomach and insects.
  • Go to the blood from the stomach ulcers.
  • Conceived frequently.

What is Treatment?

Anemia disease, which is called a lack of blood in Hindi. Between the lack of blood, there is some low house treatment to the lack of blood in the body. There is some low house treatment in the body. It will take the increase of the almonds in the body. It will increase the fenugreek in the body. Because the fenugreek is very vitamins and minerals. In the body, he is able to increase hemoglobin. The soybean is very important to remove the lack of blood. The more apple is considered. The apple in the faith is considered very much. The basal is to be very good medicinal. To take an amount of blood, the oil is very good medicinal.

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