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What are reason ?

Lymphatic filariasis is caused by bites of infected mosquitoes or when a person comes in contact with the water where infected mosquito breeding occurs. When parasiticf filariasis┬átransmitted to a person, then it affects the lymphatic system (which is the network of nerves and nodes of the body which transmits fluid from the lymph to vessels and blood). Lymphatic system is a major part of our body’s immune system.
Adult insects live in lymphatic nerves for 4-6 years, and female insects give birth to a large number of larva (children of insects) in the bloodstream. This infection spreads when a mosquito bites a victim and then the same mosquito bites another person. It develops in microfilaria, adult insects and lives in the body for many years. This person gives birth to microfilaria on the insects and this cycle continues.

What are symptoms ?

This fact has yet filariast be accurately estimated that how long the filariasia symptoms take after the infection takes place. Significant symptoms and signs of filarias are produced due to penetration of adult worm lymphatic system. Damage to the tissues by the worm disrupts the flow of lymph fluid, resulting in inflammation, wounds and infection. Feet and pelvic are the most affected organ. Filariasia infection appears as normal physical weakness, headache, nausea, mild fever and frequent itching sugar.

What are Rescue ?

  • Microbialis can be killed by a dose of this medicine. This drug protects the body from microfilaria for 1 year. This medicine prevents disease from spreading but does not treat illness. Continue this treatment for 5-10 years until all adult insects die.
  • Those who live in the affected area should use such salt daily for normal salt, which contains dithylcarbamazine, so that all people get some daily dose of medication. This low dose is enough to protect the blood from microfilaria.

What are treatment ?

So let me tell you now how can you eliminate the dangerous disease like filariasia from the root through home remedies. First of all, I would like to tell you that eating cloves will give great relief to your phyllerea-like illness. The yogic properties present in the clove are able to eliminate the parasite of the filariasis growing inside your body as soon as it grows up. By taking cloves, you may be able to eliminate the parasites of the fularia spreading inside your body. First of all, I want to tell you how to use people to eliminate malaria disease from the root. (What is filariasis symptoms and treatment of filariaris disease).

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