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What is cancer?

Cancer often hide some traits that present our body from time to time! Sometimes these unity disappear, now they have some serious and serious signs on others: – Our tone has symptoms of  which you can not hide:
We often hide some traits that present our body from time to time! Sometimes these unity disappear, now they have some serious and serious signs on others: – Our tone has symptoms of  which you can not hide:

  1. Sudden weight incident
  2. Infusion
  3. Huddle

  What is treatment?

 Metastasis shows the continuous expansion of with the first organ! The treatment of any form of is the opposite on whether or not it spreads in the remote organism! If cancer develops in other tissues and organs then it can weaken the estimate of disease alertness! There are many effective therapies for metastasis

These therapies come in three basic ways: – Treatment of whole blood can lead to chemotherapy and anti-medicines, which can extend to all the places of radiation and radiation! Local medicine in favor of the medium tumor alone – localized surgical remedies in it and avoiding the tears and tumor-induced tired therapeutic therapy alone – piracy therapy – this treatment is also given above, and is preserved for good condition of metastasis!

What is Rescue ?

This disease causes injury to the human body, when these modified cells are modified to create the mass of tissues and swelling! So known in the tumor shape! Even more of leukemio (blood cancer), where this blood-type disease limits normal blood work by a unique cell division in the blood vessel!  tumors can increase the fertility, consumption and digestive action in our body and severely obstruct or hormone prevail, which can change the behavior of the organ in the body!
However, cancerous tumors that look at the growth of restricted growth and are considered in one place to grow to moderate cancer! When two things occur, the gives less inappropriate or damaged tumors on the injured person; Firstly, a cancer cell administers the movement of the lymphatic mechanism or blood in the shape of a barrier, and it is called ‘attack, development All the right cells are destroyed in it and the second thing is that cancer cells produce new blood vessels for feeding themselves in a development, splitting And the administration of the division, known title Jisen ‘Anjiyujenesis! When the cancerous tumor gets full thrust in other parts of the tan and it grows in the growth of the cells, cells are destroyed, then this development is called ‘metastasis’. , Which are also difficult for the injured man!

  What is  symptoms?

  1. A new place on the skin, which has changed its appearance, appearance, and color, can be given a gift of skinned cancer!
  2. If you have intracranation, and you do not take tobacco drinking action, then this can be the symptoms of lung cancer!
  3. Permanent inflammation of women in pelvic area, it is possible to indicate the first ovarian cancer!
  4. If men suffer pain during the period of miscarriages, then it is possible to indicate prostate cancer!
  5. If you have lymph nodes in the skin that become correct, it can be a sign of leukemia (blood cancer)!
  6. The violent defecation colon cancer that can go to higher duration can divide cancer!
  7. For long periods of time, bad breath and cure cancer can be a sign of cancer.

What are Reason ?

 Every year 15 million new jobs and 9.3 million cancer related deaths are related to the data of world organization health organization data! They are also relevant to the chances of convergence of eclectic fondness, why the cancer cells lay! This development is for some texts, to whom cancer cells use their intensity (viscosity) properties! Pundits have found that among some of the surrogate cellular gangs of cancer cells and platforms, some of the fetal gossip, which they have to take place in place, have to argue that they are unstacked from the true site and get distracted, they travel to another place and Add the self to the site again!
It is extremely important to understand because researchers have to say that cancer death rate is the metastatic tumor logic from the prime size, the development of cells that travel continuously from their original site from the other real parts of the tan! He has been worried that only 10% of the injured cancer patients are destroyed by their primary tumor!
When the researcher is trying to control the first method of peg due to the cancer cell being taken to a new site, they can tap the metastatic treatment with the interference tax taxation and tone, to mitigate the development of the altered tumor! The back is the result of cancer cells which grow in uncontrolled size and do not die! In our body, ordinary cells adhere to the first clean path, from which they grow, divide and then die, which are known in the form of apoptosis in the treatment verb but ordinary cells do not follow this rule. , With greater mind, it keeps growing and split! Which is the first large mass of intestinal cells, is to go out of control, which is the logical reasoning of this killer treatment!
Cancer is usually treated by prolonged medicines, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

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