What is Diphtheria | Reason | Symptoms | Treatment


What is diphtheria?

Diphtheria is a fatal bacterial infection, which usually affects the mucous membrane in the nose and throat. However, it can easily spread from one person to another. It can be prevented by the use of vaccines. If  is not treated timely, then it can cause serious damage to your heart, nervous system and kidney.

What is Reason?

  • Diphtheria is a disease of infection.  bacteria live in the mouth, nose and throat of the patient.
  • Diphtheria spreads easily from one person to another by coughing and sneezing.
  • Diphtheria transports most of the time in the rainy season. At this time, the bacteria spread most. Treatment of should not be negligent.
  • Bacteria spread rapidly throughout the body when it is delayed.

What is Symptoms?

  • Throat pain and fever.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • General weakness.

What is Treatment?

Diphtheria is a serious disease that doctors do with the following medicines:-


If the doctor suspects  the infected person or child is given anti-toxin medication. Due to the anti-toxin vaccine in the vein or muscle, the effect of the toxic substances of the diphtheria in the body becomes neutralized. Prior to giving anti-toxin, the doctor examines whether the patient has an allergy to anti-toxin or not. This makes people allergic to be first insensitive to anti-toxin. For this, the doctor first gives the patient low doses of anti-toxin and gradually increases the dose.


Diphtheria is also treated with antibiotics such as penicillin and erythromycin. Antibiotics kill bacteria present in the body and infections are corrected. People or children who have frequent  are required to be admitted to the hospital.  can spread to every person who has not been vaccinated, so the person suffering from this needs to stay in the hospital. Young children or older people should be kept separate from  especially. If the gray layer in the throat is having trouble breathing, then the doctor can remove it.

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