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What is Chikungunya-

chikungunya is caused by the bite of the Edis azepti mosquito is known as chikungunya fever. Fever of fever depends on the patient’s age and disease resistant strength due to viral disease, people have pain in fever and joints. This viral disease is for very short periods and in very rare cases it is the death of someone.

What is causes chikungunya-

The mosquito-borne disease, is primarily a disease in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, which is becoming increasingly dangerous. Chikungunya virus transmits the person from person to person, if the female mosquito of the above species bites them. Disease usually does not start showing symptoms of 4 to 6 days of bite. These mosquitoes are usually cut in the day and afternoon, and jaundice mosquito cut out more than the house. However, they can also be born indoors.

What is Treatment of chickengunia-

You can use chikungunya and coconut water for home remedies. Coconut water contains nutrients and it helps you fight against chikungunya virus. You can take coconut water for a few days according to daily It can help to reduce the pain in your joints, as well as help you to reduce the swelling of the body:-

  • Chikungunya does not have any cure at present, but the doctor’s advice and the antibiotics given by him can be solved with this disease. Apart from this, there are some things that need to be taken care of.
  • Rescue patients from chikungunya from dehydration. Throughout the day, continue to drink coconut water, juice, liquid and so on.
  • In Chikungunya, the patient gets excessive physical impairment, so take a balanced and nutritious meal. Also relax as well.
  • Keep taking medicines regularly.
  • After recovering, start a wholesome exercise. This will ease joints pain quickly.
  • Some home remedies for fighting Chikungunya
    Some easy home remedies can help you a lot in fighting Chikungunya’s disease. Know about some such measures
  • Drink tea of ​​Basil leaves in this disease. It strengthens the immunity power of the body and makes the body healthy quickly.
  • Drinking chickpea leaves also gives relief in Chikungunya. This increases the number of platelets in the body and immunity increases against the spreading virus.
  • Ayurvedic medicine Gilloy’s juice drink also keeps this disease away. If Giloy can not get, some of the neem leaves can also increase immunity power by eating it every morning.

What is symptoms of malaria-

Symptoms of this disease usually begin to appear between 2 days to two weeks after the bites of the infected mosquito. The symptoms are very similar to those of viral infections, malaria and dengue. These are the following types:-

  • High fever Many times the infected person has a fever of up to 102 degrees, which can last from two days to 7 days. Feels cold like a trembling beach.
  • Pain, swelling and swelling in legs, hands, wrist and body joints.
  • Having high headache and fatigue throughout the body.
  • To have a sore throat.
  • Having pain in the back.

What is Prevention of Chikungunya-

Rescue from Chikungunya is not so difficult either. By keeping cleanliness in the house and at home, you can save yourself not only from chikungunya or dengue, malaria and other spreading diseases:-

  • Always wear clothes covering the body.
  • Do not allow water to be stored around your home or house.
  • Use eucalyptus oil to prevent mosquitoes.
  • Use spray kill mosquitoes.

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