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What is ChickenPox ?

Chickenpox is an infectious, deceptive and deadly disease that has affected humans for thousands of years. Due to the global immunization campaign, the naturally occurring chickenpox was eliminated in the world by the year 1980.

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Even viruses of this disease are kept safe for research activities. It is believed that by researching these, they will be able to experiment for scientific research development and well-being in the future.

There is no treatment or treatment for Chickenpox. One vaccine can stop Chickenpox. However, the risks of its side effects are quite high. In such a way, the scope of getting infected with the Chickenpox of the vaccine by completing regular vaccinations ends, and the person taking the vaccine is not convinced, it is wrong to say.

The first vaccine of Chickenpox was made in 1758. However, this disease has been affecting people widely for 200 years. The World Health Organization (WHO) has implemented regular vaccination programs to slow down the infection rate.

Until 1980, WHO announced that Chickenpox has been completely eliminated, although government and health agencies still have Chickenpox virus samples for research purposes.

What is Reason?

The cause of the disease is a virus, which resides in the nostrils and spit of the patient and in the spinal cord, which is spread through the transmutation. Khurand is also pulverized due to the spread of disease by clothing or other items. This virus is also of two types. A major, which produces furious disease, the second is the minor, which causes the disease of mildew. Virus producing cow-pox often does not intimidate humans, nor does it reach from one person to another.

What is Symptoms?

Red grains in the body.

high fever.



A temperature ranges from 38 ° C to 39.5 ° C.

A throat pain and headache.

Lack of appetite.

What is Treatment?

There is no known treatment of Chickenpox. Vaccination within 3 to 4 days of coming into contact with the virus can reduce the severity of the disease or may even help prevent it. You can also protect yourself with anti-bacterial drugs related to this bacteria.

Apart from this, the purpose of medical care is to reduce symptoms such as fever and pain in the body and to control any other diseases that occur when the person’s immune system is weak. If someone gets bacterial infection after having a Chickenpox, then the help of antibiotics can be taken.

Scientists are still looking for antiviral drugs that can treat Chickenpox.

As a result of repeated repeat immunization programs around the world, the variola virus (chickenpox) has been completely eliminated. Now only those people who are considered to be at risk for Chickenpox, who work with this virus in the laboratory.

What is Rescue?

The only sure way to avoid chicken pox / chicken pox is to put a hinges. Only one month after the birth of the child should be hinged. Chickenpox is not exactly the case after the baby is hinged. The effect of vaccine is up to three years. Therefore, three years after resting should be restored. How to get rid of old chronic cough?

In the early spring, chickenpox spreads, so at that time all the people in the house should be hinged.

Everyone should be very careful when chicken pox / chicken pox in the house. Wash hands with soap on the touch of the patient.

No child should be allowed to enter the patient’s room.

Even big people in the house should not go to the patient without any need. The patient’s beds and clothes should not be brought in anybody’s behavior. How to get rid of all the ears of the ears in minutes?

There should be sunlight twice a day. In every way, taking care of cleaning does not spread the disease.

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