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What is Blacksmith?

Blacksmith is also called black fever and is a serious disease that spreads through the parasite. It is also called a slow-spreading local disease, and its virus or parasite directly weakens the immune system of our body and also damages the liver. Some of the Eastern states of India like Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal etc are more people with this disease.

What is Reason?

As we have already told you above that the Black Azar is from the protozoan parasite of the species of leishmaniya. When the sand fly bites a person, then it gets sick. The parasite of this disease resides in the body of a female sand fly (a type of fly) and at the same time its number also increases. Kalajar’s parasite becomes more active in humid or humid environments and in the warmer months, this parasite is the most infected even during night, evening and evenings.

This parasite is full of domestic animals such as dogs. In addition to dogs, the parasites of the Black Azar are produced in the body of animals and then animals develop in the body of the sand fly and these sand flies then cut off humans and leave these parasites in their body.

By transfusing blood or by imposing a single injection of many people, this parasite spreads in many individuals simultaneously.

What is Symptoms?

There is a wound on the cut-off place.

Widespread skin lesions that resemble leprosy.


Loss of the spleen.

Liver damage.


What is Rescue?

There is no vaccine available to stop black-ozone. The best way is to protect yourself from a bark or a sand fly bite. If you travel to places where this disease is more likely, then try to reduce the external activities from twilight or from evening to morning, because at this time the flybilly or the sand fly are active.

Cover the skin i.e. wearing the whole; Use insect killer; Stay in good screening areas; Use the net on the bed or mosquito net (if possible, the drug).


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