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What are TBs?

T.B It is the first vicious disease and if the bore is not stopped in an incomplete condition, then Datak is aware! It kills the hole-hole! TB disease is known by many other nicknames! As tuberculosis pandemic and pulmonary tuberculosis.
Six to seven billion people in this world are consumed with this treatment and every year 24 to 30 million people die from it! In every four minutes in the terrain, three patients have to die of tuberculosis discretion! Every day 40,000 people get infected!
TB disorder is the discretion of infection of the first leukemia! This is considered to be a lung disorder, but it can spread through the lungs with blood excesses in other parts of the body, such as the destruction of consciousness, growth of bones, lymph glands, bowel, urine and replication mechanism, hides and brain Up to Delhi etc.
Excessive notes of Kafadi, stool and sputum spread through the breath of TB, talking and sneezing, sneezing and sputum, in which the present bacteria can live in the wind for many hours and the body of a healthy person I breathe in the air during the insertion of the disease! In the affected organism, notch tissues such as tubercles are made! Half-hole affected organisms tend to do their work, and the same can be the reason for death. TB is also found in the disorder, it is desirable to get rid of the germ in milk and those who drink milk can be injured.


  1. Every year 20 million people in India are TB
       Arrive in the grip!
  2. Around 5.1 million per person are destroyed!
  3. Counting of TB patients in India
       Are more than any terrain!
  4. If one searches the mean, then the worldly T.B.
       Infections are found in India!

TB caused by the disorder?

  1. There are many arguments in the TB disorder, the main argument is that the argument of poverty and poverty and very low food from nutrients, living in very low places, lack of cleanliness and drinking cow’s milk without food.
  2. By staying in touch with the person who has TB, using his things, doing exercises!
  3. Tuberculosis of the TB attacks around the person with the help of the spit and the virus!
  4. Due to rubbish and tobacco, this disease can be gripped too! Sathya laborers working in the Patiya factory, they are also skeptical!

Spread of the disease?

  1. To get access to the lungs by the breathing of TB! Lungs become less scarred! It can be run by X-rays, the state’s symptom of wound appears soft!
  2. The particular thing of this disease is that most of the symptoms are not present in the person! If the person’s diseased condition is weak, its symptoms begin to look alike and it becomes completely diseased! Therefore, tuberculosis germs are found within the lungs and lymph glands of the person; some individuals with more disorder than their disorder, they are clogged with the clotting of calcium or frobrosis and they are locked inside them. Germs live in the lungs and lymph glands! Again, this does not cause loss, so no one can be against the germs.
    They can keep the germs in the sleep condition for many years without any losses, but as soon as the strains of tan are weakened, the symptoms of TB begin to appear! He can sit in any part of the body! The symptoms of TB are to meet signs of bronchitis, lung inflammation or lung cancer, such that when any other ailment is not properly diagnosed, it is possible to have it!

symptoms of TB.

 1. Excessive desire, excessive feeling and weedness.

  1. Tiredness and laziness, feeling the pain in chest, sleepiness, and drowsiness in the night.
  2. Be simple fever, keep on eating.
  3. Cough stay in cough and bring blood in the egg. Recently, just coming out of the blood in the cough,
  4. Flammation of lymph glands and corrosion in the throat glands.
  5. Deep breathing lanes in the chest pain, pain in the knee bone, knee bending, Shani etc.
  6. The symptoms of tuberculum meningitis are common for women to wear stroke, climbing up to the eye, or to get nervous.
  7. My TB contains hunger pains, diarrhea, fenugreek and so on.
  8. Tuberculosis pneumoniae has high fever, cough and chest pain.

Treatment of T.B.

  1. TB therapy starts with chest x-ray and lorry and laboratory research.
  2. In the current era, one-third of antibiotics / Antibiotics medicines for the beginning of TB are hard work together! It starts continuously without NASA going from 5 to 10 months.
  3. During the beginning, the disorder was found in the nutritional condition, it continued with wine-cigarette etc.
  4. The BCG vaccine is put in place immediately after possible to get children out of TB! When I started to believe that BCG’s Tike has no contribution to it.

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