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What are Rickets(Marasmus)?

Rickets(Marasmus) or rickets(Marasmus) is a type of bone disorder that occurs in childhood. In this disorder, the bones become very soft and there is an increased risk of their breaking, turning or deformity. The main symptom of rickets is a lack of vitamin D. This disease can also be caused by certain genetic conditions.

Symptoms of rickets include weakening of bones, twisted legs, loose muscles, decreased physical development, increased bone fractures, muscle spasms and dwarfism. Doctors do physical examination of the patient to check this condition, as well as X-rays and blood tests are also done to check the level of vitamin D in the blood.

By getting a good idea about the risk factors that cause a deficiency in vitamin D, and taking steps to prevent it, you can prevent the effects of rickets in your child. For the body to get vitamin D, it is necessary to be exposed to sufficient sunlight and also include foods rich in vitamin D and calcium.

Most cases of rickets are treated with vitamin D and calcium supplements. According to the doctor it is necessary to follow the supplements prescribed.

What are Symptoms?

When a young child gets dry disease, it causes irritability, cold muscles, restlessness, fainting, excessive head sweating, diarrhea, dysentery and weak bones. When the bones of the spine of the patient suffering from drought disease become weak, then there are also disorders in his chest, due to which the child starts having trouble walking and getting up and sitting.

What are reason?

Improper eating

Infections such as syphilis or tuberculosis

Weakness of birth borne diseases like birth borne heart disease

Disease enhancing factors such as pollution and dirt

Iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin A deficiency

Tuberculosis or Marasmus is known as wastage, it can often be identified by the presence of the affected person’s body. Which makes the scale becomes thin. Loss of body fat and muscle tissue and the condition of body drying goes on. In which only the skin and bones are visible.

What are treatment?

Initial treatment for the disease often includes dry cooked milk powder mixed with boiled water. The latter mixture may also contain one of the vegetable oils such as oil, casein and sugar. Casein milk is protein, the energy content and energy of the oil mixture increases.

Once the child is well, there should be a more balanced diet to meet his nutritional requirements.

If dehydration is the cause of dehydration, rehydration should also be a priority. A child may not need intravenous veins oral hydration may be sufficient.

Infection is common in children with tuberculosis or rickets. Therefore treatment with antibiotics or other drugs is standard. Treating infections and any other health problems can help give them the best chance of recovery.

From the above description you must have understood that tuberculosis or rickets is a terrible disease, which can make your child like brittle, then you can adopt the above method for its treatment, and do not forget to consult a doctor.

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