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What are Calculus kidney?

Kidney Stone is a crystalline and hard mineral material, which is formed within the kidney or in our urinary tract. Kidney stone is a common cause of hematuria (blood in the urine) and is often severe pain in the stomach, groin or flank. Kidney Stone is sometimes called Renal Calkuli.The condition of kidney stone or several stones is called nephrolithiasis. However, in other places in the urinary tract, the stone is known as urolithiasis. Anyone can develop this disease, but people with certain diseases and conditions, or people with certain calcium-rich antacids, diuretics and protease inhibitors, are more sensitive to this disease.

What are reason ?

Increased level of substances like calcium, oxalate and uric acid in the urine can cause kidney stone problems.

Medicines taken for the treatment of kidney disease, cancer and HIV can also be stones.

Due to those medical conditions, stones can develop, which increase the level of calcium, oxalate and uric acid in the body.

In many patients the stones are round and smooth and smooth. Often there are no symptoms of such stones. Such stones can obstruct the urethra. Due to which urine formed in the  can not be easily transferred to the urethra and this causes kidneys to flow.

If this stone does not have proper treatment at the time, then the bloated kidney starts gradually becoming weak for a long time and afterwards the work completely closes. In this way, after the loss of the kidneys, stones can be removed, then the chances of kidney functioning again are very low.

What are Symptoms ?

Sharp back in the back, side, lower abdomen

Pink, red or brown urine come in.

Frequent urination.

Pain while pissing

Problems in urinating or urine release in small amounts

Stinking urine.

frequent urination,

Having pain while urinating, or


There is constant pain in the back and stomach.

Urine rapid urination and

Blob drops on pee, or a little urination.

What are Treatment ?

Treatment involves drinking plenty of water to help relieve painkillers and stones. Medical procedures may be required to remove or break large stones.

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