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What are HBV?

HBV or Hepatitis B virus causes inflammation of the liver, which is known as hepatitis B. HBV is one of five types of viral hepatitis. Other types of hepatitis are E, D, C and A. HBV infection can be chronic or intense in nature. If hepatitis B infection is outdated, symptoms in adults will appear rapidly. Children appear to have acute hepatitis B symptoms. The possibility of any HBV infection in children is far more likely to be outdated. Chronic hepatitis B has a slow growth period. Until any complications arise, the symptoms can not be kept in mind. Hepatitis B can be highly contagious in nature. It can spread through the contact of saliva, infected blood and various body fluids. Symptoms can not be visible for a few days after the virus exposure. However, infection without any symptoms can progress.

What are Symptoms?

Yellow of eyes

Abdominal pain and dark urine.


Urine color dark


loss of appetite

Live down


Mild range fever

stomach ache

To become a spider-like blood vessel, this problem is called spider angiomas.

What are reason?

By having unrelated sexual intercourse or relationship with any person infected with HBV.

Use of the infected needle.

A man who has sex with other men.

Living with an HBV infected person.

The infant born to an infected mother.

A journey from places where transition has already spread.

What are Treatment?

If you have symptoms of Hepatitis B, consult your doctor immediately. The infection can be prevented by administering HBV immune globin injections. This antibody solution works against HBV. Acute hepatitis B usually does not require treatment. Most people can remove serious infections from themselves. However, it helps in comfort and quick recovery on the bed. Antiviral medicines help in treating hepatitis B. They help fight better viruses. They can also reduce the risk of any liver complications in the future.

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