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What is HIV?

 HIV man is standing for immunodeficiency infection! It is an infection if the remedy is not taken, then stored Immunodeficiency Syndrome or AIDS! Some other injections are harmful, with the help of human tan completely HIV Can not get the rescue! This is the one time when HIV

The immune system of HIV attacks attacks compact disc 4 cells (target cells) from specific nature, which helps in protecting the immune system from infection! Anupcharit, H.V.
In the body, the compact disc 4 lowers the number of cells (target cells)! What makes the person more likely to be infected with another infection or infection? With the time HIV can destroy many of these cells, with whom the infection can not move and direction from the PD can not be folded! These mocarpal infections or  benefit from a very untreated immune system and the point is that the person has AIDS, the last step of the HIV infection!

There is no chikungunya effective solution available in the present! But with the right treatment, the ingredient used for HIV measures is used in antiretroviral therapy or ART! If taken correctly, every day, this medication is transmitted correctly to HIV. Many people can extend their lifespan! They can take care of them! It can reduce the probability of infecting the second! People with HIV can develop for AIDS in a few years before the new small festoon of ART in the head of 1990. Today – someone has to determine the HIV profile tomorrow! From the removal of the PD, it can be done before all of them, it can be contemporary till almost that time! When someone does not have HIV!

  What is AIDS? 

  1. through infectious diseases, which are caused by germs and viruses. This happens! Because HIV (this infection by which AIDS occurs), the protests in the blood cause lymph-attacking kosos!
  2. Signs and signs of AIDS?
        With the help of AIDS sufferers, the reduction of the resistance ability, from the second tahr to the common cold cold water, the disease becomes more easily as the disease and their remedy becomes less acute! In the early stages of AIDS, it is not achievable for the standard and the person gets discouraged. That’s why it is important to have a standardization about the initial symptoms!
  3. Frequent fever coming?
       Feeling of fever every second and third days and having fever fast and having fever more than a month, HIV is the first symptom!
  4. Exhaustive exhaustion?
        Excessive fatigue due to excessive work without more work, and every time exhaustion can be the earliest symptom of AIDS!
  5. Stress in the muscles?
         Without any major work and physical effort, if anybody’s mind always feels strain and clutter! So they are symptoms of AIDS! Go to your doctor faster.
  6. Going to the throat?
        The summation of frosting occurs most often when we drink a little water! But if the right amount of water to drink is also a bad feeling and a ripe feeling in the throat! So these are AIDS disguised symptoms!
  7. Does gilts happen?
        On getting AIDS, inflammation on the skin can be hard giltia, especially this painless Gitalia occurs in the throat, armpit and rains etc.
  8. Pain and casserole in the head and joints?
        If there is pain and bloating in the jaws, or in the head every second, from the tender age, the light pain is waiting for every minute! If the pain starts rising in the afternoon, then you need to have an HIV test!

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