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Lakes You will be familiar with the Kashmir Valley and the famous Dal Lake, Nawawale Homes and Shikara, which attract thousands of visitors every year. Similarly, you may have visited other lake areas and enjoyed boating, swimming and other aquatic sports. Imagine if there are no lakes at Kashmir, Nainital and other tourist sites, do they attract as much as they do today? Have you ever tried to know what is the significance of lakes at some place to attract these tourists? In addition to the tourist attraction, the importance of lakes is also due to other reasons for humans. In the troughed parts of the surface of the earth. Where water is stored, it is called lake. There are many lakes in India too. They differ in size and other symptoms from each other. Most of the lakes are permanent and some contain only water in the rainy season, such as semi-arid heartland with inland runoff Lakes of the rivers in the fields. Here are some such lakes that have been constructed as a result of the action of glaciers and ice sheets. While some of the other  Construction is due to air, rivers and human activities. Gokur cut into a flood river floods Builds the lake. Spit and bar (ROD). Build lagoon in the coastal areas, like – Chilka Lake, Pulicat Lake and Lake Kolaru. Lakes inland areas are sometimes seasonal, for example the Sambar  of Rajasthan, which is a salinity water. Is the

. Its water is used for making salt. Is done for. Most wetlands of freshwater are in the Himalayan region. These are made mainly by glaciers. In other words, it was made when the glaciers made or any other train deep, which Later the snow was filled with melting, or in some area. Himalayan roads were mixed with rock or mud. On the contrary, the Woolar lake of Jammu and Kashmir is made up of geological functions. It is India’s largest freshwater natural lake. Dal Lake, Tal, Nainital, Loktak and Badapani are some other important sweet water . In addition to this, the construction of the lake is also done by constructing water for hydro-electricity, like – Guru Gobind Sagar (Bhakra-Nangal Project) । Lakes are highly beneficial for humans. A lake helps in the flow of the river smoothly. It prevents the flood during excessive rainfall and the flow of water in the dry season. Helps in balancing. Lakes can also be used in hydropower generation. These make the climate of the surrounding areas normal, balance the ecosystem, increase the natural beauty of the lakes and tourism and provide us with fun.

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