Indian Monsoon


What is Indian Monsoon

Indian monsoon  highly influenced by monsoon winds. is . Sailors who came to India during the historical period first noticed the monsoon . Theyr rivers have been benefited due to the reversal of the direction of wind mechanism. Because their ships were dependent on wind direction. The Arabs who came to India like traders, named this seasonal reversal of the wind system as a monsoon. The effect of monsoon lies in tropical areas between 20 ° North and 20 ° South. The following facts are important to understand the process of monsoon.

  1. Because of the hot and cold water treatment system of the site and water, the area of ​​low pressure is created on the site of the site, whereas the high pressure area is created over the surrounding seas.
  2. In the summer season, the tropical convergence slips away towards the Gangetic plains (this is the equatorial trough, which is usually located 5 ° north from the equator), also in the monsoon season, in the name of monsoon trough. Know.)
  3. In the Indian Ocean there is a high pressure area of ​​about 20 ° south latitudes east of Madagascar. The situation and intensity of this high pressure area affect the Indian monsoon.
  4. In the summer season, the plateau of Tibet becomes very hot, resulting in approximately 9 km from the ocean floor above the plateau. I High vertical vertical wind currents and high pressure are formed.
  5. In summer, there is an effect of north-western jet streams of the Himalayas and tropical eastern jet streams above the Indian peninsula.

Know by name The difference of pressure of Darwin, Northern Australia (Indian Ocean 12 ° 30 ‘South / 131 ° East) and Tahiti (Pacific Ocean 18 ° South / 149 ° West) is calculated for the prediction of the intensity of the monsoon if the difference of pressure If it is negative, it will mean less than the average and delayed monsoon. Alanino is a symptom related to southern oscillation. It is a hot seawater, which flows through the coast of Peru, every two or five years instead of the cold stream of Peru. Alanino is concerned about the change in the condition of pressure. So this phenomenon is called ENSO (Elenino-Southern Oscillation).

Alenana:- The name of Alina is named after the temporarily hot water stream development in place of the cold Pahru stream. El Nino is the Spanish word, which means the child and who expresses Baby Christ, because this raid starts flowing during Christmas time. The presence of El Nino increases the surface temperature of the sea. And relaxes the business winds in that area.

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